English Language

The skills assessed as part of GCSE English Language will prepare students for a wide range of future career paths and will complement and support study of all subjects across the curriculum. Students studying for a GCSE in English Language can expect to develop and improve their skills in the following areas:

  • Comprehension of a range of texts from a variety of genres;
  • Understanding of implicit and explicit meanings in texts;
  • Analysis of language and text structure and how writers create effects;
  • Evaluation and comparison of writers’ ideas and viewpoints;
  • Writing texts for different genres, audiences and purposes;
  • Understanding of grammar, punctuation and spelling.

As well as preparing you for future study post-16 and beyond, the skills developed in English Language will enable you to develop your writing skills and will therefore help with writing in other essay-based subjects. Reading and writing skills are fundamental to all future career paths and are a vital part of daily life.