Food and Nutrition

The study of Food and Nutrition involves understanding food and nutrition, factors that affect food choice, food preparation and cooking skills. It also involves an understanding of recipe development, responding to a brief, and food related health and safety.

Students will learn to:

  • Explore the main food groups and the key nutrients required for a healthy diet;
  • Follow safe and hygienic practices for themselves and the cooking environment;
  • Make food recommendations for specific needs/age groups;
  • Plan and produce dishes in response to a brief;
  • Modify recipes.

It is important that students understand that in order to complete the portfolio of coursework they will be expected to complete all elements of the course and make all products. Practical lessons enable students to apply skills and techniques which will prepare them for all forms of assessment.

Students will be expected to provide their own ingredients for all practical lessons and will need to ensure they have a container to take all products home in.