In an ever-changing world it is important for students to have an understanding of the places they inhabit, the processes that cause change and the impact this has on different groups of people.

At GCSE, Geography aims to cover these issues. By looking at both Human and Physical Geography, the course intends to give students a breadth and depth of understanding of the world they live in.

Students study a range of different themes including:

  1. Challenges of living in a built environment. What conflicts happen within our cities? What will the future of urban living look like?
  2. Physical Geography and the impact people have on the environment. Why does certain weather occur in certain places? How can we manage extreme weather?
  3. Uneven Development and Sustainable Environments. Why are so many companies out-sourcing to India and China? What does it mean to be sustainable? Will trade or aid solve the problem of poverty?

Geography teaches highly sought after skills in problem-solving, managing delicate situations and data analysis. Therefore any career in which these are listed as skills or attributes required would be a career for a GCSE Geographer.