The GCSE course which students undertake for History offers a variety of subjects spanning nearly 2000 years. The course has been designed to take into consideration students’ historical curiosity and to build upon the topics studied at Key Stage 3.

The course allows students to investigate a wide range of topics including, Medicine through time (which includes a depth study on the Western Front in World War I), Elizabeth I, Germany 1919-1939 and the Cold War 1945-1991. The course enables students to develop their skills of analysis of evidence as well as the ability to write historical arguments which engage with a range of controversial issues.

The course is assessed in Year 11 over three examinations. Students are prepared for these examinations over the three years of historical study which builds knowledge and skills development.

A history GCSE can take you to wonderful places! Careers in law, journalism, publishing, education and politics rely on a solid grounding in history, and many of our GCSE students go on to study history further post-16.