Whatever career you are interested in, it will involve Maths. Having a good understanding of Maths also helps prepare you for adult life so that you feel confident day to day and when planning your financial future. The Maths skills you will need come in three levels:

  • Basic, everyday Maths which will enable you to count change for customers or know how much ‘an inch off the top’ actually means;
  • More advanced Maths required for professions such as graphic design, computer programming, engineering, medicine, accounting, banking, business, law, government, plus many more;
  • The logical and creative problem-solving skills that Maths develops, which you will use every day for the rest of your life.

Maths is also used in many other subjects, especially Science but also Geography, Psychology and Sociology. Success in Maths will therefore make you much more likely to succeed in whatever you do after school and in later life.