Which subjects will students study for GCSE?

During Year 8, students make options choices about the subjects that they will study during Years 9, 10 and 11. Students study ten GCSEs (or GCSE equivalents) alongside continuing study in PSHE, PE and fortnightly enrichment time. Some subjects are compulsory at the academy however students have the opportunity to make choices on four of their subjects. Curriculum time (lessons per fortnight) has been carefully planned to ensure that students get the right amount of time to prepare for each different subject they study ahead of final examinations.

Maths (7) Ethics GCSE (2) Enrich(1)
English Language and Literature (8) PE (2)
Double Science (9) PSHE (1)
Option 1 (5) Option 2 (5)
Option 3 (5) Option 4 (5)

Making the right choices

Compulsory subjects

Optional subjects

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