Emergency Closure Info

It is always a tricky decision whether or not to open or close the academy on a day when it is snowing, when snow has already fallen or when bad weather is forecast. However, our bottom line is that the academy will always stay open if we can and it is safe to do so. Our first decision will be to delay opening in line with the policy of other local schools to 10am.

When bad weather compromises the safety and security of the site, supervision of students or affects transport to and from the site, the academy will close. This will be broadcast on local radio stations (BBC Radio Suffolk 103.9 FM , Town 102 FM 102.0, and Heart Radio 97.1 and 96.4 FM) and also posted on the Suffolk County Council website.

Please note that schools/academies are asked not to notify the radio station directly, so any delay in messages reaching BBC Radio Suffolk and/or its website is not the fault of the Academy – more the period of time it takes for Suffolk County Council to collate the information for all schools and forward it on on their behalf.

Where able and especially if we need to close the academy early, we will try and send out a text message and email via ParentMail. If you would like to be communicated in this way please register with ParentMail.

Click here for Adverse Weather Policy.