The information below includes advice for the night before and the day of an exam, as well as reminders on what to bring with you and what you should leave behind!

The night before the exam

  • It might seem tempting to stay up late into the night revising for an exam. A good night’s sleep is important though as it will mean you are refreshed and thinking straight when you get to your exam. Make sure you go to sleep at a reasonable time and have an alarm set for the next day.

The morning of the exam

  • Make sure your alarm is set so that you have enough time to have breakfast before you leave for school. If you prefer, you can have breakfast at breakfast clubwhen you get to school. Having something to eat in the morning is important as it will keep your energy levels up and stop you being overly tired during the exam. You need to be alert to be your very best!

What to bring to the exam

  • Basic equipment: Clear pencil case containing black pens, pencils, highlighters, a ruler and a rubber.
  • Maths equipmentsuch as calculator (calculator paper only), a protractor (angle measure) and pair of compasses will be needed in some exams. These are also provided by the school whenever needed in exams, however some people prefer to use their own equipment as they are used to using it.
  • A bottle of water(you will need to remove the label from the water bottle).
  • A watch. There are clocks in the exam hall so that you can carefully time your work in the exam. Many students prefer to bring their own watch with them and find this easier.

What you cannot bring with you

  • You will be asked to leave your bag and coatat the side of the exam hall in an area by the door. This will be safe to be left and will be collected by you when you leave the exam.

Exams that run over morning break

  • Longer exams may run over into morning break. When this happens, you will have the chance to have a supervised break in the dining hall and then go to your next lesson a little later. It is important that you feel refreshed after your exam and get the chance to have a break before carrying on with your lessons that day.

If you have any other questions about exams, please speak to any of your teachers or to Miss Hart, Raising Achievement Manager (

Good luck!

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