Home Learning

The academy recognises that Home Learning is an essential tool for the success of its students. It is essential to help them achieve their targets, enjoy their learning, make the most of their learning potential and to improve their self-esteem.

The academy aims to encourage parental involvement through open communication with parents/ carers as research shows that Home Learning is more effective when parents show interest, enthusiasm and support for their child’s work. At the start of each academic year we aim to supply all parents and carers with access to our Home Learning recording system.

The purpose of Home Learning is to enhance student achievement; to help students become self-directed, independent learners; and to develop good work habits.  The setting and assessment of Home Learning activities is a vital part of preparing our students for success in their lives beyond school. Home Learning will enable our students to develop skills that ensure they become independent, self-reflective and well-organised learners with the ability to prioritise their commitments and to meet deadlines.

Typically, teachers at the academy will set the homework described below. If you have any questions about homework please contact your child’s subject teacher.

Homework for Years 7 and 8

Subject Set and monitored by Frequency Description
Reading Form tutor Weekly Form time book check
English English teacher Fortnightly Knowledge and vocabulary revision, including spelling and definitions.

Tested in lesson.

Mathematics Maths teacher Fortnightly
Science Science teacher Fortnightly
All other subjects Subject teachers Fortnightly


Homework for Years 9, 10 & 11

Subject Set and monitored by Frequency Description
GCSE English English teacher Weekly Examination practice or knowledge and vocabulary revision.
GCSE Mathematics Maths teacher Weekly
GCSE Science Science teacher Fortnightly
GCSE Computer Science

GCSE Ethics

GCSE French

GCSE Geography

GCSE History

GCSE Spanish

Subject teachers Fortnightly
BTEC Sport

BTEC Health and Social Care

BTEC Music


GCSE Drama



GCSE Resistant Materials

Subject teachers


Fortnightly Coursework and exam preparation such as knowledge or vocabulary revision.