Making the right choices

As students prepare for their final years of study at the academy, they will need to make some choices about the subjects they wish to study. It is important to think carefully about these decisions and we encourage students to work closely with their parents and teachers while undertaking this process.

Please remember to contact your child’s form tutor or the relevant head of department at the Academy, should you wish to enquire about any aspects of the courses on offer or the options process.

How are options choices arranged?

Students continue to study a range of different subjects during Years 9, 10 and 11. We believe it is important for students to study a combination of academic and creative subjects. To help students achieve a good balance, all students will study one subject from each option block below.

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4
History Spanish French Triple Science
Geography Art Food and Nutrition Art
Computer Science Photography Design Technology Media
Music Sport Health & Social Care

Why is it important to study a range of different courses?

By making the choices above, students will study the full range of different subjects as laid out by the new performance measures which all secondary schools are now subject to, including the full range of eight different subjects as defined in the three categories below.

Progress 8 Subject Groups
Maths & English English Baccalaureate Others

(Double weighted)

English Language or Literature

(Double weighted)

Science Science Option 1 or MFL Other option or English or Ethics Other option or English or Ethics Other option or English or Ethics