December 8, 2017

Message from Suffolk Police

We have received information from Suffolk Police regarding social media accounts on both ‘Instagram’ and ‘Snapchat’ that are actively seeking young people to follow them to gain access to a video.  The video contains footage of an extremely inappropriate nature involving young children.  This of course holds legal complications should anyone open the link, send it on or store the data on any devices.

The accounts concerned are set up using different spellings and formats.  However the main link is ‘tanya kellock’ or ‘tanya k’ and has an image of a young girl with blonde and brown hair depending on the account.  Police advice is for students not to accept any friend requests from or correspond with these accounts and to delete the material immediately should this be on any device.

Please rest assure the police are actively working to take this material down as soon as possible and any students or parents/careers requiring advice should speak to our pastoral team at school in the first instance.

Category: Academy news