Senior Leadership Team Name
Principal Mrs C Woods
Vice Principal Achievement Miss G Theobald
Assistant Principal Support for Learning Mrs K Morrow
Assistant Principal Teaching for Learning Mrs S Parsons
HR and Business Manager Mrs D Garaway

Additional Needs
Name Faculty Area
Mrs L Dewhurst SENCO & English Teacher
Mrs A Beaumont Family Support Worker
Core Subjects
Name Faculty Area
Mrs H Harding Head of English
Mrs C Emmanuel English
Mr S O'Callaghan English
Miss R Riches English
Mr C LeFanu from September Head of Maths
Mrs G Cunningham Maths
Miss S Lewis Maths
Mr B Aspin Head of Science
Mr S Holden Science
Mr G Langford Science
Mrs M Gould Science
Name Faculty Area
Mrs S Parsons History / Ethics /Health & Social Care
Miss G Theobald History / Ethics
Mr J Foulger (Head of Discovery) Ethics / PE
Mr A O'Donnell Geog / PE
Miss L Nyoni ICT
Vacancy MFL
Mrs C Nunez Gonzalez MFL

Name Faculty Area
Mrs S Irons (Head of Create) Catering
Miss M Christmas Art / Photography
Mrs A Sousa Music
Mrs E Falconer D&T
Mr A Greenacre Photography

Name Faculty Area
Mr K Prior PE / Maths
Mrs L Pettit (Joint Head of Lifestyle) PE /PSHE
Mrs L Bradbrook (Joint Head of Lifestyle) PSHE /PE /Health & Social Care
Pastoral Support
Name Faculty Area
Mr K Prior Adlington Head of House
Mrs L Margetson Adlington Assistant Head of House
Mr A O'Donnell Holmes Head of House
Mrs C Nunn Holmes Assistant Head of House
Mr G Langford Redgrave Head of House
Mr A Waugh Redgrave Assistant Head of House
Mrs A Jones Attendance Officer
Miss T Lielasus Inclusions Manager
Miss E Stephenson Turnaround Centre Manager
Mrs K Grant Behaviour Support Assistant