We asked Parents:

Why did you choose to send your child to Ormiston Endeavour Academy?

Our Parents said:

“Both of my daughters came here and have gone on to successful careers because of it”.

“The Open Evening was brilliant”.

“Although it’s not our catchment school, after looking around on Open Evening we were impressed with the teaching staff’s attitude, friendliness and most importantly, they all spoke to my son”.

“The school is smaller and appears more personal”.

“My daughter came here with her friends”.

“After looking at another school we decided that Ormiston Endeavour Academy was a better sized school”.

“It’s a local school with a nice atmosphere and a mix of all backgrounds”.

“It’s important for my child to be able to walk to and from school with their friends”.

“There is a good rapport with staff and good communication”.

“Good communication between staff, students and parents”.

“A friendly school which has a smaller and safer environment”.

“My child liked it and felt comfortable here”.

“The corridor walls are filled with students’ work and it’s obvious that teachers are proud of the students and their work”.

“Family members have already succeeded at the school”.

“It feels homely, spacious and modern in comparison to some other schools”.

“A warm and friendly environment with familiar surroundings”.

What would you say to other parents to encourage them to consider sending their child to Ormiston Endeavour Academy?

Our Parents said:

“The school has supported our child through his school life even through challenging times. They have tailored his teaching and support to what he needs at the time”.

“My child is achieving”.

“Feedback from teachers is encouraging and they want my child to improve”.

“The size of the school is actually its strength”.

“Go to the Open Evening and to just listen to others who have attended”.

“Come to the open events”.

“The teachers are young and enthusiastic”.

“The transition from primary school was smooth”.

“The staff are approachable, personable and friendly”.

“The commitment of teachers in Year 11 is outstanding”.

“Teachers encouragement via parent emails”.

 Our Parents asked:

“Could we work with children in the feeder primary schools”.

What we did:

Introduced regular visits to the feeder primary schools for teachers to go and deliver tester sessions to the students.

Our Parents asked:

“Could we do some activities with the Year 6 students starting in Autumn term”.

What we did:

We didn’t wait until Autumn term! We invited all Year 6 students from our feeder primary schools to come to the Academy every other Wednesday afternoon to take part in some enrichment lessons across all areas of the Academy. This has also given the current Year 6 students the opportunity to get to know their future friends from other primary schools. We also gave them all a free Ormiston Endeavour Academy gym bag to put all their resource materials in.

Our Parents asked:

“Could the Principal get more involved with feeder primary schools”.

What we did:

Our Principal now has a regular coffee get together with parents at the feeder primary schools where they have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have about Ormiston Endeavour Academy.

The following comments are taken from Yr 7 Parent Questionnaires

“All teachers have been fantastically supportive and friendly”

“I am extremely pleased with the quick response I receive from staff that I have communicated with”

“The pastoral team are particularly good, they support and listen”

“I am very happy with how my child has moved from Year 6 onto Year 7. Great communication from Primary school onto High school”

 Further Parent Testimonials

“Like most parents, the thought of my child making the transition to high school was daunting, especially as my daughter has always been a shy, timid character. However in just the short time she has been at Ormiston Endeavour Academy, her confidence in herself and school work has improved immensely.

I look forward to hearing about her day after school, to hear her speak highly of her teachers and how much she enjoys the variety of lessons provided. I am also delighted at how keen she is to complete her homework as she receives rewards and praise for her hard work.

I feel enrolling my child at Ormiston Endeavour Academy was a great choice. Both my daughter and I are excited for her bright future in education, thanks to the efforts and support of the staff and the schools warm and welcoming environment”.


“When my child started at Ormiston Endeavour Academy, the school supported us and ensured my child had all the help he needed . He is now studying for his GCSE^s and is doing a Duke of Edinburgh award as well. I am very pleased with all the school has done for him”.


“My boy did good, he was the most improved student of 2016”.