Ten Reasons to Study at OEA

  1. The Personal Touch

As a small secondary school, our teaching and support staff know our students as individuals and are able to respond to their specific needs.

  1. Eradicating Barriers to Learning

Nothing should stand in the way of a young person receiving an outstanding education.  We strive daily to work with students and their parents to overcome anything that may prevent our students from accessing great learning.

  1. Our Staff

All of our staff have been handpicked after demonstrating that they are completely aligned with our Core Values: High Expectations; Always Learning; No Excuses and Positivity.  They all work relentlessly to ensure all our students achieve their very best.

  1. Curriculum Opportunities

We offer an extensive range of courses from GCSE photography and Spanish to BTEC music and sport.  This allows all our students to follow a curriculum that they enjoy and one that meets their future needs.

  1. Rewards

Our students regularly make us proud and we have many ways of recognising whenever this occurs.  From a fantastic phone-call home to a super smoothie, our rewards ladder ensures we formally acknowledge all the great things that occur in our academy daily.

  1. Developing Talent

Our students are all talented in their own way and we seek to identify and develop their talents by ensuring they all have access to a wide variety of enrichment activities during formal curriculum time and through extra-curricular activities.  We also provide leadership opportunities through our student ambassador scheme and our newly formed student council.

  1. Parental Engagement

We truly believe that involving parents throughout their child’s journey is of paramount importance.  There are many ways in which we regularly communicate with parents to ensure they are fully aware of how their child is progressing.

  1. Resources

We provide an outstanding environment for optimum learning opportunities but there are also some exciting plans being developed to further enhance the school site.  Students also have access to relevant and engaging resources in every subject area to ensure they can achieve their potential.

  1. Friends for Life

We are the school of choice for our community so our students make lifetime friendships with their peers.  Whether it be through the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme or a Skiing trip in the Alps, our students build strong bonds and watch out for each other always.

  1. Preparation for Further Education

Whatever students wish to do once they leave our Academy, our dedicated and specialist careers support will help with applications and interview preparation so students can follow their dreams.