The start of a new school term is always exciting – but when it’s the transition into “big school” – your child’s very first school term can feel a little daunting. At Ormiston Endeavour we will ensure that this process is as smooth as possible.

Choosing the right school is a big pressure for parents and carers and at Ormiston Endeavour we make sure all parents and students within our catchment area are kept well informed at every step.

We ensure that students will develop the tools and emotional resilience to manage this transition.

We will make sure all students continue to make academic progress, to achieve and to enjoy learning. As a result, students’ motivation, positive attitudes and self-image as learners are maintained and developed.

We have developed a very structured transition schedule to reduce the anxiety you may feel as a parent or carer.

Transition Activities:

Our aim is for all students who start in Year 7 to feel happy and confident in their new school.

We expect high standards from the very beginning, allowing all students to strive for ‘excellence as standard’ at all levels of challenge.

While students are choosing schools…
Primary Visits Visits to Primary Schools with the lead transition coordinator and head boy and girl to answer questions and invite students to an open evening.
Open Evening A chance for Year 6 students and their parents/carers to visit Ormiston Endeavour Academy and meet with staff and students.
Getting Ready for Secondary School…
Meet the Tutor and Induction Evening All Year 6 students and parents are invited to come for an evening to experience their new school and meet their tutor group and teachers.
Induction day Students visit the school to experience a day on the life of an Ormiston student.
When they get here…
Specialist Transition Team The first year of secondary school throws up its own unique challenges – therefore we have specialist staff in the pastoral support team that work with the Heads of House to ease any problems.
Pastoral Support Students can access a support worker every break and lunchtime. If students are struggling with school they may be referred for extra pastoral support or mentoring.
Literacy Project with student ambassadors Students identified as having difficulties with reading at primary will be paired with some of our brilliant ambassadors as part of a literacy programme.
Year 7 settling in parents' evening Parents and carers are invited to meet with the form tutor to discuss how their children have settled into the Academy and what progress they have made socially and emotionally.
Student Mentoring and catch up funding Students and staff mentor the new year 7s to make sure that we avoid the traditional ‘Year 7 dip’ in literacy and numeracy. We carefully use ‘Catch Up’ funding to ensure every student raises the bar and achieves at every level.

If you have any questions, please contact the Academy on (01473) 464545 or

If you would like to discuss how we can help your child with a specific learning need please contact our SENCO, Lisa Dewhurst: