House Contact name Email address
Head of Adlington Mr K Prior
Assistant Head of Adlington Mrs L Margetson
Head of Holmes Mr A O’Donnell a.o’
Assistant Head of Holmes Mrs C Nunn
Head of Redgrave Mr G Langford
Assistant Head of Redgrave Mr A Waugh


Area/Subject Curriculum Contact name Email address
Head of English Mrs H Harding
Head of Maths Mr T Madhlangobe
Head of Science Miss G Theobald (Acting)

Mr Ben Aspin (from 5th June 2017)


Head of Discovery Computer Science, Ethics, Geography
History, MFL
Mr J Foulger
Head of Create Art, D&T, Music, Photography Mrs S Irons
Head of Lifestyle Health and Social Care, PE, PSHE Mrs L Bradbrook

Mrs L Pettit

Educational visits Mr K Prior
Library Mrs C Emmanuel
Options Please see form tutor
SEN provision Mrs L Dewhurst


 Area Contact name Email address
Attendance Mrs A Jones
Data manager Mr P Vice
Examinations Mrs J Burrows
Finance/Free school meals
Principal’s PA
Site manager Mr B Pullen