Google Mail and Classroom

All students have an Academy google account whihc allows them access to email, google classroom, storage (through Google Drive) and tools to support their learning.

All student google accounts follow the same pattern.

[email protected]

Passwords can be reset by the academy, to do this please contact the academy (General enquiries) stating your child's name, we will be able to reply with a new password.


This can be used to contact teachers to ask questions about the work, seek clarification on tasks or submit work.

For further guidance on using Goggle Mail please follow this link.

Google Classrooom

Using google classroom our staff can set assignments, share resources, provide feedback and run live sessions. During the Autumn term we have ensured all students in school have experienced the Google classroom environment so they are familiar with accessing their classes, completing ans submitting assignments and reviewing their progress.

In the Google Classroom environment students can use Docs, Sheets and Slides to produce work (these are web based tools similar to Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint, but do not require any additional software as they are all web-based). Google classroom can be accessed on desktop, laptop and tablet devices. It can be accessed on mobile phones (an app is available), although we woudl recommend that to make best use of it a larger screen and more user friendly input method is used.

A useful video to help students make the best use of google classroom can be found here.