Our Curriculum Intent

In line with the trust’s curriculum strategy of teach, develop and change our curriculum intent demonstrates our commitment to;

  • Teach a core knowledge base in a wide range of subjects; inspiring them to ask questions and delve deeper into topics to understand, appreciate and interact with the world around them.
  • Teach a broader understanding of the world around them; encouraging independent and creative thinking and linking the learning from different areas.
  • Teach the key elements to support effective literacy and language development.
  • Develop a variety of skills in students to support their on-going learning; developing resilience, teamwork, creativity and a passion and enjoyment for learning.
  • Develop the key skills that support students in developing effective personal well-being and relationships; confidence, tolerance, respect, effective communication.
  • Support students in progressing; providing appropriate, valued opportunities suitable for the individual in the context of their developing aspirations.
  • Support students in understanding their place in the world; providing the knowledge and skills to be successful citizens.