Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is additional funding which is allocated to schools on the basis of the number of pupils who have been eligible for free school meals (FSM) at any point over the last six years. The Pupil Premium is aimed at addressing the current underlying inequalities which exist between children from disadvantaged backgrounds and their more affluent peers.

At Ormiston Endeavour Academy we are determined to demonstrate that there are no barriers to learning and that all young people can be successful in their own way, regardless of their background. We consistently focus on helping our students to become better learners, to increase their resilience and to raise their aspirations.

The Academy is committed to “Narrowing the Gap” for disadvantaged students and the pupil premium will form a vital part of that process. Provision is made through:

  • Facilitating students’ access to education
  • Facilitating students’ access to the curriculum
  • Alternative support and intervention within the Academy environment
  • Facilitating student access to enrichment activities to support learning
  • Raising aspirations of pupil premium students and their families

The amount of the school’s allocation from the Pupil Premium grant in respect of the current academic year is £249090.


We provide support to students and parents to overcome the barriers to learning caused by poor attendance or poor behaviour. This support is provided by a number of trained specialists who provide support for students to improve behaviour and attendance, and to work towards specific, achievable goals that will make a difference.


Equality of access means students have access to memorable learning experiences. This includes: starting the day ready to learn after a healthy breakfast and in the correct uniform. The Academy supports students by offering a breakfast club and can help with the cost of uniform in emergency situations. We also try to ensure parity for all by helping those in need to access extracurricular activities such as sport, music and art, trips and visits. The Raising Achievement Manager also supports students in their final two years at the Academy to help plan their next step in education or training and to revise for external exams.


The most important aspect of satisfying academic needs is high quality teaching in the classroom, but as soon as we track a student falling behind and at risk of underachievement interventions are put in place. These may involve teachers and Higher Level Teaching Assistants, delivering small group or one-to-one tuition sessions.

  • The impact of additional Pupil Premium funding and strategy is reviewed annually on 30th September.

The review for the previous academic year, together with the plan for the current academic year can be found by clicking on this link.