All the Academy staff play a vital role in ensuring we can achieve our vision. We are committed to supporting and valuing our colleagues, and to modelling the life-long learning and development we wish to instil in our students.

We welcome any communication from parents in supporting their child's progress.

To discuss a specific subject please contact your child's teacher or the Head of Department.

To discuss a pastoral issue please contact your child's form tutor.

Mr J. Daniels - Principal ([email protected])

Ms G. Theobald - Vice Principal ([email protected])

Mrs S. Parsons - Assistant Principal / Acting Vice Principal ([email protected])

Mr C. Le Fanu - Assistant Principal ([email protected])

Miss K. Morrow - Assistant Principal ([email protected])

Mr J. Cooper - Associate Assistant Principal ([email protected])

Mr A. O'Donnell - Associate Assistant Principal (a.o'[email protected])

Mrs E. Ottley-Gooch - 7EOH ([email protected])

Miss H.Rimmer & Miss E. Rawcliffe - 7ERC ([email protected] and [email protected])

Miss K. Kourilova - 7KKA ([email protected])

Mrs L. Pettit / Mrs L. Bradbrook - 7 LPT ([email protected] / [email protected])

Mrs L. Nyoni - 7LNI ([email protected])

Miss O.Khalaeva - 8OKA ([email protected])

Miss H. Paine - 8HPA ([email protected])

Mrs J. Hmidache - 8JHE ([email protected])

Miss D. Oliver - 8DOR ([email protected])

Mrs M. Christmas - 10 MCS ([email protected])

Mrs A. Felgate - 9AFE ([email protected])

Miss E. Rawling - 9ERG ([email protected])

Mrs J. Samant - 9JST ([email protected])

Mrs M. Bienikova - 9MBA ([email protected])

Mrs M. Gould - 9MGD ([email protected])

Mr D. Roper - 10DRR ([email protected])

Miss J. McCall - 10JML ([email protected])

Miss S. Stynes - 10SSS ([email protected])

Miss K. Froede - 11KFE ([email protected])

Mrs C. Emmanuel - 11 CEL ([email protected])

Mr A. Dunn - 11ADN ([email protected])

English and Modern Foreign Languages - Miss K. Froede ([email protected])

Mathematics and Computer Science - Mr C. Le Fanu ([email protected])

Science - Mr J. Cooper ([email protected])

Humanities - Miss E. Rawling ([email protected])

Create (Art, DT, Food, Drama and Music) - Mr D. Roper ([email protected])

Lifestyle (Sport, Health and Social Care and PHSE) - Mrs L. Pettit / Mrs L. Bradbrook ([email protected] / [email protected])

SENDCO - Mrs L. Dewhurst ([email protected])

Head of Year 7 - Miss G. Cunningham ([email protected])

Assistant Head of Year 7 / transition - Mrs R. Zagni ([email protected])

Head of Year 8 and 9 - Mr J. Foulger ([email protected])

Assistant Head of Year 8 - Mr. T. Calcluth ([email protected])

Assistant Head of Year 9 - Miss L. Margetson ([email protected])

Head of Year 10 and 11 - Mr A. O'Donnell (a.o'[email protected])

Assistant Head of Year 11 and Careers Lead - Mrs V. Fosker ([email protected])

For more general contacts please visit our contacts page.

For a complete list of staff please follow this link.