Ormiston Endeavour Academy is an 11-16 secondary Academy situated in north-east Ipswich. As a relatively small Academy with just under 700 students, we take pride in the high levels of support, care and challenge we offer all of our students.

When students join our Academy we present them with our Academy tie, symbolising a bond that will last well beyond the five busy years they spend with us. This strong tie between Endeavour and its community is built on our core values: recognising and realising potential, perseverance and resilience, and respect for all.

Endeavour students are warm, welcoming and willing to push themselves to succeed. Our fantastic staff are committed to providing a caring yet challenging environment in which young people can learn, develop and become successful global citizens.

At the very heart of all we do lie our three core values:


achieving EXCELLENCE

fostering KINDNESS

Following a substantial building programme our facilities match the aspirations we have for our students. Bright, welcoming and engaging, our premises provide the surroundings our students deserve to support them in their learning.

Welcome to our Academy.

Jamie Daniels