Assessment & Reporting

As part of our continued development we now have a new approach for assessment.

Following work with our team of staff, discussions with parents and consideration of the research surrounding assessment we are pleased to introduce you to our new appraoch.

In all subjects at Key Stage 3 and in Year 10, we have developed a set of criteria which covers the core knowledge and skills that students require in order to be successful and progress with their learning.

These sets of knowledge and criteria are assessed throughout the year and recorded in markbooks on GO4Schools (click here to access the parent site). By looking through these marksheets students and parents are able to see the areas a student is working well in, and the areas for further improvement.

These markbooks, once the first round of assessments each year are complete, will provide up to date information with a student’s progress and will enable parents to engage in meaningful conversations about the learning taking place.

In addition to these markbooks, students will receive two reports each academic year. In these reports teachers will identify one key criteria area which, in their professional opinion, would bring about the most progress in that student’s learning. The reports will show the specific criteria a student should focus upon and in addition using the link to the relevant year group below, a suitable task or supporting resource can be found to assist with the further development.

The reports will also provide parents with an attitude to learning comment in order to indicate how well the student is responding and engaging to the learning in that subject.

Year 8 Autumn Term