British Values

At Ormiston Endeavour Academy we are dedicated to ensuring that our students flourish academically and are prepared for life beyond school. As part of this we have a vital role in promoting and reinforcing British values and equality, allowing our students to become effective learners.

The Academy follows its Equality Statement with regards to equal opportunities. These guiding principles are embedded into our everyday life:

  • All learners are of equal value
  • We recognise and respect difference
  • We foster positive attitudes and relationships and a shared sense of cohesion and belonging
  • We aim to reduce and remove inequalities and barriers that already exist

The government set out its definition of British Values in the 2011 Prevent Strategy as:

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

The examples that follow are some of the many ways that we seek to promote and embed these guiding principles and British values at Ormiston Endeavour Academy.

The principals of democracy are consistently reinforced. We have an active Student Voice allowing freedom of speech and an Academy Parliment, consisting og 9 sub-groups, that represent the students. Democracy is also explored within History, Ethics and Tutorial via the Ormiston Endeavour Experience programme.

The Rule of Law
The importance of laws, whether they be those that ensure structure in the class, school or country are consistently reinforced throughout the school day, as well as when encouraging positive behaviour and through school assemblies, PSHE and tutorial. Students are taught the reasons behind laws – that they govern and protect us – the responsibilities that this involves, and the consequences when laws are broken. We have a close working relationship with the local Police force and they attend our school events to talk to our students.

Individual Liberty
The Ormiston Endeavour Academy curriculum actively encourages our students to make independent choices knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment. Students are encouraged to know, understand and exercise their rights, responsibilities and personal freedoms. They receive support and advice through tutorial, PSHE and the curriculum together with special workshop events run by outside providers on subjects such as e-safety, drug awareness and anti‐bullying.

Mutual respect
Respect is at the heart of our school ethos and is modelled by staff and students alike. Respect for each other is promoted in lessons, tutorial, assemblies and around the local school environment. Our students are encouraged to have their say via our student voice and endeavour ambassador programme. We also promote the values of restorative justice to develop the idea of mutual respect. This is embraced throughout the curriculum, from the use of fair play in PE to our peer mentoring programme led by the ambassadors.

Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs
We see all learners as being equal regardless of their faiths and beliefs and we recognise and respect difference. We give our students the ability to understand their place in a culturally diverse community via the curriculum, tutor time, assemblies, external providers and trips. In addition to this, our Ethics curriculum provides a broad and balanced curriculum on a wide range of faiths and beliefs. The Arts curriculum also develops the student’s visual understanding of how other cultures arts represents different faiths and beliefs. Following discussions at the Academy Parliament, students led and organsied a Culture Day in July 2023, to celebrate diversity across the Academy.