Early Help

We all experience problems at some time and we want to help you find the early help, information support you may need before a situation becomes a crisis. By providing early help to families, overcoming problems before they get worse, Early Help can:

  • Enable children to live and thrive in a family environment.
  • Contribute actively to finding solutions to the issues they face.
  • Give families choices to find the right kind of support for their needs in the local area.
  • Recognise and build on the strengths of the family and improve their situation with support.

Early help aims to ensure all key partner agencies involved in supporting the family and the young person take a joined up approach and together, make the best use of their resources to help children, young people and families.

You may not know where to look for early help, and it is difficult to know what services are available and how to use them.

We have our own Early Help offer in school which is demonstrated throughout the ‘Wellbeing’ section of the website. However, it may be that extra support is required and this can be accessed through completing a CAF (Common Assessment Framework) and referring this to the local authority. The Support for Learning Team can help support you in this process.

We operate a staged approach to Early Help as described below;

Stage 1 – Form Tutor support through daily check in’s

Stage 2 – Personalised support through Year Teams or our Academy Chaplain, wellbeing strategies and support using online services

Stage 3 – Specialist support through our Mental Health First Aiders, School Nursing Team, 4YP Counselling service or Educational Mental Health Practitioners

Stage 4 – Specialist support from the highly trained and experienced safeguarding team including referrals to outside agencies.