Medical Information

If a student feels unwell, they should ask for their teacher’s permission to go to the medical room (located next to main reception) where the office staff are qualified in First Aid. They will be given written permission for this and an ‘Out of Lesson’ pass.

The First Aider will decide if a child is well enough to return to lessons after a rest or treatment or needs to go home. Should it be necessary for a student to be sent home or if further treatment is required, the office team/first aider will call the emergency contact(s) in order of priority. Please ensure that you have given the school the most up to date contact details and that three contacts are provided. It is essential that one named contact is available and able to collect your child at any time during school hours. The school must be able to easily contact you, or another designated adult, should the need arise. Please inform the School in writing immediately if there are any changes to your address or home/work/mobile telephone numbers.

Students must not call home themselves and ask to be collected – there is a procedure that all students must follow, without exception. Sanctions will be issued to students who do not follow the school rules and use their mobile devices to contact home.

If your child develops any condition that requires medical or long term treatment e.g. allergies, asthma, diabetes or epilepsy please inform the School as soon as possible where an Individual Health Care Plan can be completed and shared with relevant staff.

A list of all students who visit the Medical Room (along with times) is recorded each day and this will highlight recurrent visits. The appropriate action is taken; either by talking to parents or the Pastoral Leader as this can identify problems a student may be experiencing which we can then help to resolve.

Medication in School

We are happy to hold medication for you that your child may need to take during the school day. However, the school is not responsible for noting expiry dates on any medication (including Epipens) and as such you are required to complete an IHCP form if you would like us to hold any medication. Your child is responsible for ensuring that medication is taken on time. Students are not permitted to leave a lesson in order to take medication unless specifically directed by the medical notes – they must do so between lessons or at morning break or lunch time.

If your child suffers from regular headaches, period pain, hay fever etc it is recommended that parents supply us with medication for their child so they can help themselves to carry on with the school day as normal. Students will be supervised to take this appropriately as directed.

Please ensure ALL medication is taken to the Main Office in the Reception Area of the Academy.

For further information please see our Supporting Students with Medical Needs Policy.