Covid 19 Information

Following the most recent set of announcements from the Government, I wanted to update you on how we at Ormiston Endeavour Academy are continuing to follow the guidance to ensure the well being of students and staff.


We conducted two on-site tests for all students with consent at the start of the academic year.  All students have been issued with home testing kits and we are recommending that these are taken on a Wednesday and Sunday evening.  Should a test be positive then, in line with the guidance we advise a PCR test is booked and the student remains off school until this result is received.  Please contact the Academy to inform us of any positive results.

Close contacts and Isolation

The guidance for self isolation after a close contact with a person who has tested positive changed for the start of the academic year.  For any person who has been fully vaccinated or who is under 18 years old there is no longer the requirement to isolate.  Instead it is advised to undertake further testing and only move to self isolation upon having a positive test result.  In order to ensure the well being of all members of our Academy community we advise daily lateral flow testing and, if you feel it appropriate a PCR test.  Should any of these daily lateral flow tests show a positive result then a PCR test to confirm is advised and students should remain at home until this result is known.

Bubbles and other measures

There is no longer any requirements for schools to operate bubbles and we have taken this opportunity to allow our students to have as normal an experience as possible.  Face coverings are not required, however we fully respect the individual choices of students and staff should they wish to continue wearing them.  We continue to offer hand sanitiser throughout the Academy and have well ventilated rooms.  We are awaiting our CO2 monitors and when these are received we will check the ventilation is suitable to reduce the risks of transmission.


We have been contacted by the Schools Aged Immunisation Service (SAIS), who have confirmed they will be in the Academy to administer vaccinations on Thursday 30th September. For further details please click here.

The decision to vaccinate 12-to-15-year-olds follows advice from the UK’s chief medical officers, who have said that rolling out the vaccine to this age group will help to reduce disruption to education.

Parents and young people will have the choice as to whether or not to take the vaccine, and this will be entirely up to your family. However, we will work closely with both our local NHS team, and parents and carers to ensure that you and your children understand the options available to you. Should your child wish to get vaccinated against your wishes, a clinician will make a decision on the best course of action, rather than academy or Trust staff.

Whilst it will be the NHS and Public Health England who will be running and administering the programme, and not the academy, because our academy building is publicly owned it may be that Public Health England decides to set up a vaccination centre on the grounds. The health and safety of our students is our top priority, and as such we will ensure that if a vaccination programme is carried out on site it is in line with our safeguarding and health and safety procedures.

Should there be further outbreaks within the Academy or the need arise for students to self isolate, we have a clear policy for remote learning. Further details can be found here.

With the signifcant disruption to learning for students since 23rd March 2020, the government has provided resources for schools to provide opportunities for students to recover their learning. We have a robust plan for how we will support students with their learning recovery. This plan, remains flexible to allow for any future disruptions to learning, and is reviewed through the termly Strategic progress Board meetings to ensure it is having suitable impact.

Recovery Plan

Review of Recovery Plan