Covid 19 Information

Following the re-opening of all schools on 8th March 2021 we have the following key measures in place to minimise the risks posed by the Covid 19 Virus;

  • Twice weekly home testing for all students and staff. This is through Lateral Flow Devices issued by the Academy. Tests should be taken every Sunday and Wednesday Evening. Negative results do not need ot be reported to the Academy. In the event of a positive test, please inform the Academy and book a confirmatory PCR Test.
  • Face coverings are worn by all non-exempt staff and students throughou the Academy. When social distancing cannot be maintained, face coverings are worn. This includes in corridors and classrooms. Face coverings are not required outdoors, or when engaged in sporting activities.
  • We maintain well ventilated rooms to reduce the potential for any viral spreading.
  • Students and staff are expected to use the provided hand sanitiser when entering a room and ensure high levels of hand hygiene throughout the day
  • Equipment and surfaces are sanitised inbetween bubbles ( Year 7 and 8 Bubble, Year 9, 10 and 11 Bubble).

Our expectations or students conduct remain high and any student whose actions pose a risk to others with regard to viral transmission will have suitably rigourous consequences put in place.

Should there be further outbreaks within the Academy or the need arise for students to self isolate, we have a clear policy for remote learning. Further details can be found here.

With the signifcant disruption to learning for students since 23rd March 2020, the government has provided resources for schools to provide opportunities for students to recover their learning. We have a robust plan for how we will support students with their learning recovery. This plan, remains flexible to allow for any future disruptions to learning, and is reviewed through the termly Strategic progress Board meetings to ensure it is having suitable impact.

Recovery Plan

Review of Recovery Plan