Ofsted Report Published

We are exceptionally pleased to be able to share with our community the latest Ofsted report.

We are delighted to let you know that Ofsted has confirmed that we continue to be a good school. Inspectors highlighted how leaders at the academy have created a “harmonious environment” and that students are provided with an “ambitious curriculum”. 

The report was compiled following a 2 day visit from a team of inspectors on 16th and 17th March 2022.

The report reflects the hard work and dedication from the staff, students, parents and wider community to ensuring that the Academy strives for excellence in all it does.

Some of the key findings noted in the report that we wanted to share with you include:

  • Inspectors highlighted the academy’s broad and ambitious curriculum as a strength, as students at the academy access a good quality curriculum that allows them to learn well. In particular, inspectors praised subject leaders for ensuring that students remember, practise and build on what they know to enable them to effectively progress well through the curriculum. 
  • Ofsted inspectors also noted how leaders and staff had made the academy a harmonious environment, place. Staff are proud to work at the academy and students and staff alike enjoy the friendly feel that has been created. 
  • Meanwhile, inspectors noted how students are provided with a wide range of clubs and activities that support their development.
  • Ofsted also praised the behaviour of the students and noted how they show maturity and respect for one another.
  • Inspectors highlighted that SEND students are well supported within the academy, and teachers make sure they have access to the same high-quality curriculum as their peers. Equally, students who are new to English are also supported in developing reading fluency and accessing the curriculum effectively.
  • Inspectors also noted that students benefit from a strong careers education. Staff provide students in every year group with information, advice and guidance for their next steps. Students have good quality opportunities for work experience and support for applications for post 16. 
  • Finally, inspectors highlighted the work of the Trust in supporting the academy, finding that the Trust provides valuable advice and expertise to support the academy’s development

We hope you will enjoy reading the report which can be found on our website here.